Departments & Study Programmes

The Bachelor Music course offers a complete range of study options. The starting point is a taylor made individual curriculum in the fields of Classical Music, Early Music, Singing/Vocal, Jazz, Composition, Sonology, Art of Sound and Music Education. The Master Music course at the Royal Conservatoire covers the entire spectrum from performing musicians (Classical, Early and Jazz), creative and researching musicians (Composition, Sonology, ArtScience).


The various courses at the Royal Conservatoire are multi faceted and challenging, and provide students with all of the necessary skills and knowledge which apply to their study option and instrument. There is also a great deal of collaboration between various departments in order to provide as wide an education as possible, and much attention is paid to good connections with the profession.


Studying at the Royal Conservatoire means becoming involved in a richly instructive and diverse environment. For more information on these studies take a look at the relevant departmental page. Here you will find the contact details of the coordinator. He or she will be able to answer questions, and can where possible plan an appointment for an informal audition with your intended principal study teacher.



Master specialisations: