The Interfaculty ArtScience programme offers practice-based Bachelor and Master courses focusing on the development of interdisciplinary and innovative art forms. The curriculum encompasses approaches to and the cultures of contemporary electronic music, sound art, media art, theatre and the visual arts. Strongly based on the traditions of synesthetic, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary art, students and teachers critically explore the artistic potential of recent developments in science and technology. Their findings are linked to the development of new forms of public presentation to create room for music and art in new media and in unexpected places. By focusing on the art, research and reflection on technology rather than the commercial practice of multimedia, ArtScience retains its unique and non-conformist position in the landscape of art and art education.


The Interfaculty programme provides an open environment with a focus on collaboration, peer learning and constructive feedback by teachers and students from a wide range of backgrounds. The programme consists of theoretical and practical courses, labs and short, intensive research projects carried out in partnership with TodaysArt, Holland Festival, IFFR and the Sonic Acts festival, Stroom, V2, Optofonica Lab and the theatres Zeebelt and Korzo.


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Application and enrolment

Information on application and enrolment for the Bachelor course can be found on the website of the Academy of Fine Arts, for the Master course you can click here.



Leonie Zweekhorst