The Classical Music department seeks to be at the centre of the new music culture. Students are not only being trained as reliable professionals, but also being challenged to become creative musicians who can communicate powerfully. The teachers are deeply involved in the profession, and many pursue international careers as performing musicians. Many of the students they train as classical musicians later join renowned national and internationals ensembles and orchestras.



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The curriculum mixes theory and practice through a combination of individual tuition and working in groups. Students play in ensembles, chamber music and orchestral projects. They are encouraged to show initiative, collaborate with other departments and learn to improvise. The school’s symphony orchestra, in which students of the Classical department take part, organises many special projects. It is also the basis for the successful two-year Orchestra Master that the department runs in association with the Residentie Orkest.

The collegial atmosphere in the department is symbolised  by the annual Chamber Music Festival, in which teachers and students perform together.


The Bachelor course lays a firm theoretical, practical and creative basis for the professional craftsmanship of the student, and the Master course provides extra talented and motivated students the possibility for specialisation, research and refinement.




Application and enrolment

You can find the entrance requirements under the main subjects. Information on application and enrolment can be found here.



Head of Classical Music department

Wim Vos 


Coordinator Classical Music department

Else van Ommen

+31 70 3151420


“For 12 years the Royal Conservatoire provided me with a beneficial platform in my development from a young, passionate violinist, to a performing and teaching musician. My international fellow students (my current colleagues) and leading teachers formed the basis for a vibrant network of inspiring artists. The Royal Conservatoire has been a challenging springboard in the eternal quest for musical richness and perfection.”

Frederieke Saeijs, violinist