What has made the Composition department in The Hague so special for all these years is the tremendous loyalty and team spirit among the students, which is a true reflection of the intensity with which the teaching staff who give lessons and cooperate in developing a curriculum that is constantly being reinvented in the same way that art is reinventing itself. Many graduates of the Composition programme in The Hague now enjoy worldwide fame and their works are performed by the most prestigious ensembles at opera houses, music festivals and venues around the world.



The emphasis in the course is on the practice of composing and everything associated with it. A lot of attention is devoted to encouraging students to develop a contemporary music practice and to working with performing musicians and the performance of the students’ own work. The department, which was once home to the revolutionary ‘The Hague School’, focuses on the development of creativity and versatility, the execution of research and discovering a personal identity as a composer. Besides acquiring advanced skills in notation, composing techniques, conceptual thinking and how to sketch, flesh out and complete musical ideas, students learn instrumentation for every conceivable vocal and instrumental setting.


The programme has close ties with the professional field through its cooperation with ensembles such as ASKO|Schönberg, the Nieuw Ensemble, the Rosa Ensemble, Ensemble Klang, Modelo 62, the MAE and with venues like Korzo, the Diamantfabriek and the Nutshuis.



Application and enrolment

You can find the entrance equirements here. Information on application and enrolment can be found here.




Head of Composition department

Martijn Padding