The Jazz department is characterised through notions such as tradition and innovation, expansion and deepening, national and international. It trains students for a future as professional musicians in the highest ranks of the international jazz world. The mix of students from The Netherlands and every other corner of the world creates a unique environment into which everyone contributes their own cultural heritage. This yields a process of musical cross-pollination during the course.



The Jazz department is a launching pad for many combos and ensembles that go on to take part in jam sessions and performances in the jazz clubs in The Hague and at other major jazz venues throughout The Netherlands. After completing their studies, graduates dispurse all over the world. There is a lively interaction between the course and the professional circuit. The Royal Conservatoire’s Big Band appears frequently in The Netherlands and abroad and has performed several times at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Student exchanges are also arranged with leading institutes in other countries. Our students frequently win prizes at national and international competitions.




Application and enrolment

You can find the entrance requirements under the main subjects. Information on application and enrolment can be found here.




Head of Jazz department

Wouter Turkenburg