The Royal Conservatoire offers a master’s specialisation in chamber music for highly motivated ensembles with ambitions to pursue a career in chamber music. Ensembles of two to six musicians are eligible for this programme. Among these are well-known combinations such as the piano trio, string trio and string quartet, or the brass, wind, and reed quintet,  but also duos, like violin and piano or two percussionists, are welcome. All combinations have to apply as an ensemble.

For pianists who prefer chamber music and playing together over focusing on solo repertoire only, there is a possibility to take lessons in different (duo)combinations. The Conservatoire can help in finding partners.


The two-year master’s programme not only focuses on studying and performing chamber music repertoire, but arranging and composing for the student’s own ensemble, stage presence, concert programming, budgeting and fundraising are part of the curriculum as well.


Each ensemble will be allocated three coaches, one for ensemble work, one for research, and a third for career development. Together they will support the ensemble in developing a national and international career and generating the ensemble's profile.


String and piano ensembles can work with the famous Osiris Trio. The Osiris Trio consists of Ellen Corver (piano), Peter Brunt (violin) and Larissa Groeneveld (cello). They have been teaching at the Royal Conservatoire for many years.


Wind and brass ensembles can work with Calefax. This internationally successful reed quintet consists of Olivier Boekhoorn (oboe), Ivar Berix (clarinet), Raaf Hekkema (saxophone), Jelte Althuis (bass clarinet), and Alban Wesley (bassoon). Calefax is known for its inventive programming and innovative projects.


Percussionists have the opportunity to work with Slagwerk Den Haag, an ensemble that for the past 40 years has been fascinated by anything to do with sound, pulse, and the materials that are its source. They give over 100 concerts per year.


Pianists that choose for this programme without a partner, will have one of the main subject teachers as their coach.


The Chamber Music Master is part of the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) that consists of academies in Vienna, Paris, Manchester, Oslo, Vilnius, and The Hague. More information on