Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice


Enrolment for academic year 2015-2016 is via this website. More information and registration forms follow asap.


This Master specialisation focuses on excellen musicians who want to reach new audiences with innovative projects. The programme of this two-year Master has been developed in partnership with various conservatoires in European and the United States, and is also taught at the conservatoires of Reykjavik, Groningen, and Stockholm. Students who do the MM NAIP do not close their Master Music study with a recital or public performance as usual, but realise a project throughout their second study year. This project can have many diverse forms, depending on the ambitions and qualities of the students.  Examples of Professional Integration Projects, as they are know in jargon, can be found on the website


This Professional Integration Project (short PIP) is prepared with a few mandatory subjects: Performance & Communication, Leading & Guiding, Project Management & Entrepreneurship, and Action Research. Throughout the first study year the student develops both a project plan and research plan for the PIP. Another important part of this Master is the intensive study guidance in the form of mentoring. Besides this, students can assemble their own study programme and study abroad for a period if it is relevant for the development of the own project. The study is closed with a presentation of the research the student did on his or her own project.


Further information  can be requested from Renee Jonker ( and on the website


You can find the curriculum of the Master here.


Joshua Samson (Performance & Communication)
Philip Curtis (Performance & Communication)
Willem Wijgers (Project Management)
Ramon Verberne (Project Management)
Guy Wood (Leading & Guiding)
Jo Wills (Leading & Guiding)
Detta Danford (Leading & Guiding)
Lelani Lewis (Leading & Guiding)
Falk Hübner (Practice Based Research)
Renee Jonker (Performance & Communication, Project Management, Leading & Guiding)