From next year the Royal Conservatoire will offer, the new master specialisation Reed Quintet in collaboration with the internationally successful Dutch Calefax.

Calefax grew in 30 years from a music group of five schoolboys to a world-class ensemble. The repertoire of Calefax covers many centuries of music. The musicians of Calefax literally blow new life into classical music by arranging it for their own unique reed quintet: oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon. There are now about a hundred new works for Calefax written by composers from all over the world.


As inventors of the reed quintet (oboe, saxophone, bassoon, clarinet and bass clarinet) Calefax is the proud ambassador of a new music movement: the International Reed Quintet Network. From Argentina to New Zealand new reed quintets are founded in the footsteps of Calefax.


Calefax includes Olivier Boekhoorn (oboe), Ivar Berix (clarinet), Raaf Hekkema (saxophone), Jelte Althuis (bass clarinet) and Alban Wesly (bassoon).


During the two-year Master Reed Quintet not only rehearsing and performing of the repertoire for reed quintet is covered, but also much attention is paid to:

  • Ensemble coaching

  • Individual coaching focused on chamber music on the instrument (timing, colour, intonation, articulation, refinement of technique)

  • Programming and artistic vision

  • Podium presentation and development concert formats

  • Financial policy and fundraising

  • Coaching for arranging



Sign Up

Students need to sign up as Reed Quintet and in addition, students can also take individual lessons with head teachers of the conservatoire.
For more information on this new specialisation, please contact the Head of the Department of Classical Music, Wim Vos,

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