Education in music theoretical subjects contribute to the development of a musician. For this, a broad and varied programme is available which ranges from subjects which contribute to general musical development to highly specialised knowledge and skills in a certain area which are strongly connected to the main instrument played by the student. Courses in music theory are done at various levels:


  • as part of the principal study for all course options, including the School for Young Talent and for Practicum Musicae students
  • as an elective Minor course in the second, third and fourth academic years, for students with a special interest and talent for music theory
  • as a principal study: the course Theory of Music in the Master programme has 'Theory & Research' as a set element in the course programme.


Application and entrance

You can find the entrance equirements for Theory of Music unde Principal Study. General information for the application procedure can be found here, information about the entrance procedures can be found here.