The curriculum of the four-year bachelor’s degree programme at the Institute of Sonology is divided into:


  1. the main study
  2. theory and supporting studies
  3. electives (2nd, 3rd and 4th year).


Within the main study the student follows subjects such as Programming and Music (Bjarni Gunnarsson), Signals and Systems (Peter Pabon), Analogue Studio Composition (Kees Tazelaar), Aesthetics and Performance of Electronic Music (Joel Ryan), Sound and Space (Raviv Ganchrow), Live Electronic Music (Johan van Kreij), and Sound Installations (Justin Bennett). Richard Barrett gives regular lectures on composition, live electronic music and improvisation.

The students work on their specialisation in the areas of composition, performance or research under the guidance of a mentor. In the fourth year the students write a thesis and give a presentation on their work. During the final exam the results of the specialisation are presented, and the thesis is defended. 

The theory and support studies consist of Sound Engineering in Electronic Music (Paul Jeukendrup), Music Theory (Ezequiel Menalled, Gabriel Paiuk, Klaas Trapman), Music History (Peter Lurvink), Education (Barbara Ellison) and an Introduction to Electronics (Lex v.d. Broek).


You can find the curriculum of the bachelor’s degree programme here.