Leiden University

Leiden University and University of the Arts The Hague (Royal Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Art) founded the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts in December 2001. The Academy aims to bring together the arts and academic disciplines by creating a new programme that does justice to both elements.


The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts offers the following possibilities:

  • Doctorate programmes
  • Minors
  • Optional extras/courses


Doctorate programmes

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts offers a PhD in the Arts on the basis of combination of artistic developments and research achievements.


DocARTES en PhDArts

Research in and through artistic practice comes together in the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts. The PhD trajectories in music (docARTES) and in the fine arts and design (PhDArts) are accessible for artists who allow their artistic development to be explicitly led by a clearly formulated research question. They are supervised by academics and artist-professors. This takes place in an international Graduate School: a research environment including partnerships with Amsterdam, Ghent, Antwerp and Louvain.

Read more: www.docartes.be and www.phdarts.eu


Practical and theoretical optional courses

The practical courses are appropriately called Practicum Musicae (PM) and Practicum Artium (PA).

  • PM is a three year course, in which the student, after passing an audition, takes instrumental/vocal lessons with one of the teachers at the Conservatory. Furthermore, an elementary music theory course will be taught.
  • PA offers four courses: Drawing, Painting, Photography and Graphic Design. For these courses an entrance procedure is required.



The theoretical courses cover a vast area of music related topics. A student could choose to take a course in the history of classical music or jazz, ponder the question what music is in the course What is Music, sit-in at one of the Sonology courses or learn about the history of liturgical music.

A full overview of courses can be found in the e-Prospectus of  Leiden University: studiegids.leidenuniv.nl/en/


Currently the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts offers two comprehensive minors. The first is entitled Music: Classical, Jazz, Pop and World Music. This minor offers an overview of music, as well as auditory analysis and music philosophy. The other minor is called Auditory Culture. This minor covers a variety of subjects within this new field of research and centres around the question: what is the relationship between man and the sounds of his environment and what happens when those sounds change?



DocArtes/minors/optional courses:

Rogier Schneemann


Tamara de Groot