Anthony Zielhorst honoured by King Willem-Alexander



On Thursday night 7 July 2016, Anthony Zielhorst has been honoured by King Willem-Alexander. He received the decorations from Mr. Van Aartsen, major of the city of The Hague. Because of his inexhaustible efforts for music and music education, Anthony may call himself now Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau. At the Royal Conservatoire we know him as Head of the Young Talent Departement 'Jong KC', but he is also conductor of the Nederlands Zangtheater, chamber choir Ad Parnassum Tilburg, the Gregoriaans Koor Utrecht and the Collegium Musicum Amsterdam. Apart from that, he is also involved with foundations related to music. 

With his love for music he is constantly sharing his passion with others. He never makes distinctions between amateurs, professionals, children, teenagers or adults. For this he is appreciated and esteemed throughout the national and international music scene. The Royal Conservatoire is proud to have him as a colleague.

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