School for Young Talent

Art and school, can these go together? Certainly! In our School for Young Talent you are prepared for a future in dance, music or the fine arts and design, but at the same time you take the normal school subjects just as they are given in other Dutch schools.


As various as all these talents are, students who show an outstanding artistic ability have a great deal in common. They share the pleasure and passion in discovering and expanding their creative boundaries. They also develop their individual “equipment” in order to give their specific talent further content and to allow it to take off: craftsmanship, discipline, dedication and, not least, the ability to share that talent with others. A good beginning is half the battle. At world level you learn to play football in the youth sections of top clubs such as Barcelona or Ajax, and for a top training in the arts there is the School for Young Talent in The Hague. This is a unique possibility for rising artistic talent to combine normal schooling with classical dance training or preparatory education in music or fine art and design at a very high level and to international standards - within a single institute. For this reason, our school is only available to students who reach our high entry requirements.


If you have a remarkable talent then this school could be a fantastic opportunity for you. On this website you will find a summary of the most important information on our School for Young Talent. This information is of course also important for your parents, school dean or teachers.


We would very much like to meet you and your parents at our school in order to become acquainted.



Director Interfaculty School for Young Talent

Jan van Bilsen