The Royal Conservatoire

Studying at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague means studying at the oldest conservatoire in The Netherlands. It means studying at a music and dance institute that for decades has stood for the highest quality where internationally renowned musicians and (ex) dancers teach, and where tradition and craft are intertwined with experiment and innovation.


The primary aim of the Royal Conservatoire is to equip young talent with the highest artistry, technical skill and flexibility in order to be able to perform in a highly demanding and constantly changing professional environment.


The Royal Conservatoire presents itself as a centre for education, research and production. This powerful triangle of elements forms the DNA of our institute.


  • Education

    We work to provide music and dance education at the highest level, but we also see the learning process as a way of life for students, teachers, and everyone who takes the arts and themselves seriously.
  • Research

    As a permanent attitude to everything we do, as well as in the academic sense with the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University and within our Bachelor and Master courses.
  • Production

    All expertise, craftsmanship and research leads to the production and presentation of dance and music performances, with the intention of sharing these with as many people as possible.


Studying at the Royal Conservatoire is not just about success, it is also about learning, the sharing of experiences, the exploration of new paths and the pursuit of experiment. In this way the Royal Conservatoire is, and will remain dynamic. The Royal Conservatoire wants to contribute to the development and through this the future of dance and music.