Master Research Symposium for Teachers : Lecture by prof. Terrell Stone

di 20|06|17 10:00 uur

This year’s symposium will be special, since we invited the committee members to kick-off every symposium day with a lecture on their own research. The topics will be varying from Analytical methods in Popular Music till the relationship between the Galileo family and Lute repertoire in renaissance Italy. Join in, bring a coffee and start your day with the newest insights in musicology and music education from across the globe!

Tuesday 20 Juni, 10.00 hrs
Lecture by prof. Terrell Stone (Conservatorio di Vicenza)

Galilei, the lute and Padua
Abstract: Galileo Galilei is generally recognized as being one of the fathers of modern science. According to Galileo’s biographer, Vincenzo Viviani, also a scientist and Galileo’s assistant, he was an accomplished lute player and […] “surpassed in beauty and grace even that of his father, and had a suavity which he never lost until his dying day”. Galileo’s father Vincenzo Galilei was a leading musical theoretician and one of the most prolific composers for the lute of all times. His younger brother Michelagnelo, who lived with Galileo in Padua sporadically over the course of about 10 years, was employed as a lutenist to courts in Poland and Germany.

In 1592, after the death of Vincenzo, Galileo moved to Padua, the very heart of the one of the most active lute making and lute playing centres of Europe at the time. During this period, Paduan lute makers (many of German origins) were distinguished for their experimentation and innovation and many of their instruments today are housed in museums and collections throughout the world. Padua was also the home to many significant lute players and teachers (as early as 1372, the oldest school of lute known to exist in Europe was founded in Padua).

This presentation will focus on the direct and indirect relationship Galileo had with the lute especially during his stay in Padua and the eventual impact it might have had on him as a scientist, mathematician, natural philosopher and man of fine arts.

Locatie: Studio 1, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Juliana van Stolberglaan 1, Den Haag



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