Master Research Symposium for Teachers : Lecture by Prof. Mary Lennon

do 22|06|17 10:00 uur

This year’s symposium will be special, since we invited the committee members to kick-off every symposium day with a lecture on their own research. The topics will be varying from Analytical methods in Popular Music till the relationship between the Galileo family and Lute repertoire in renaissance Italy. Join in, bring a coffee and start your day with the newest insights in musicology and music education from across the globe!

Thursday 22 June, 10.00 hrs
Lecture by Prof. Mary Lennon (Dublin Institute of Technology Conservatory)

Piano Pedagogy: Science, Art or Common Sense?
Abstract: This paper explores what is commonly referred to as the piano pedagogy literature, posing the question ‘Piano Pedagogy: Science, Art or Common Sense?’.  The literature, much of which emerged during the last century, derives from a number of sources and represents a fascinating but somewhat eclectic body of work.  Many pedagogical writings represent the wisdom and insight gained by famous teachers and  artists through their own experience of teaching and performing, others are based on  research into areas such as physics, mechanics and physiology while another source of literature derives from the students of famous pedagogues who report on the practices and beliefs of their teachers. While it is not based on systematic research and does not provide teachers with formal theories, the piano pedagogy literature represents an important body of knowledge which has had, and continues to have, a major influence on approaches to piano teaching.  While there is an emphasis on performance issues in the literature, the paper does not set out to examine particular ‘schools’ of piano playing or specific techniques, but rather to highlight the range and  diversity of pedagogical approaches and the personalised nature of the individual contributions. 

Having addressed the question of ‘Piano Pedagogy: Science, Art or Common Sense?’, the paper considers the piano pedagogy literature in the context of the more recent research literature on instrumental teaching which provides a further source of pedagogical knowledge for piano teachers, and discusses concepts such as the ‘artist teacher’ and the ‘teacher as researcher’.  It highlights the connections which can be made across performance, pedagogy and research, suggesting that learning and teaching can be enriched by engaging fully across all three dimensions.   

Locatie: Studio 1, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Juliana van Stolberglaan 1, Den Haag



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