New master: aus LICHT

The Royal Conservatoire The Hague in co-production with the Dutch National Opera, the Holland Festival and the Stockhausen Foundation for music will produce the largest presentation of seven operas of LICHT composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen in June 2019. Fifteen hours of music presented in a three day marathon in one space. Offering audiences the unique opportunity to experience the musical universe created by one of the greatest composers of our time. Stockhausen dedicated more than thirty years of his life to create this cycle of seven operas in close collaboration with a small team of interpreters: singers, instrumentalists and sound engineers. Transferring the knowledge and skills of these musicians is a key element in the 2019 production aus LICHT. A new generation of interpreters can take the stage to perform the music of an innovative, creative and visionary composer.


The Royal Conservatoire The Hague offers a two year Master of Music programme for sound engineers, singers and instrumentalists that will prepare them to perform in the 2019 aus LICHT production as soloist or in ensembles. Students will be coached and taught by the musicians that have worked with Stockhausen on the creation of LICHT and will be offered a programme putting the works of Stockhausen in a broader perspective. They will be performing in the production aus LICHT in 2019 and be the next generation of musicians specialised in bringing (parts of) LICHT to the stage. Master aus LICHT



Kathinka Pasveer - artistic leader / flute

Suzanne Stephens - clarinet / bassethorn

Marco Blaauw - trumpet

Paul Jeukendrup - art of sound / sound engineering

Ellen Corver - piano

Michael Svoboda - trombone

Andreas Boettger - percussion

Renee Jonker - ensemble coaching

Thomas Ulrich, Richard Barrett - studium generale / theory and analysis

t.b.a. vocal teachers and synthesizer specialists



For more information on how to apply for the master, check the requirements.


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