10 - 10 ArtScience Festival - The online edition

On the 10th of February ArtScience is doing the 4th edition of the infamous 10 - 10 benefit festival. Stay tuned for pictures and videos of the events to come and some behind the scene footage of our preparations!

10 - 10 was initiated by students of the ArtScience to make a showcase of projects that they are busy with, but also to make a collective project altogether. The idea is that ArtScience students from all years participate in an organisation of 10 - 10 and help to fundraise for students who are graduating (bachelor + master program).

Because of the corona measures the festival will be online this year but that doesn't spoil the fun! Get ready for a dynamic programme offering live performances, storytelling, free improvisation and DJ's!

10-11 Crosscountry - þorir and Finn
11-12 Storytelling - þorir
12-13 B2B DJ - Minji, DJ Lederhosen, DJ Artifacial
13-14 B2B DJ - Minji, DJ Lederhosen, DJ Artifacial
14-15 Ambient DJ set - Anni
15-16 Violin improv - Hana & Max
16-17 (un)reason - Lars van der Miesen
17-18 Recplay - Students & teachers of ArtScience
18-19 Wheel of Fortune - Flora
19-20 Otomax, music performance- Nika
20-21 DJ set - DJ Dima
21-22 DJ set - 5713Come and see, come and listen, come and experience ArtScience!



10 februari 2021 10.00 - 22:00



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