Aural Tectonics

The following audio sequence by Mehrnaz, Farah, Richard, Ján, Marco, David, Ghaith and Hilde was realized during Raviv Ganchrow's Aural Tectonics workshop at the Institute of Sonology, The Hague, in the spring of 2021. Aural Tectonics explores the site-specificity and context-dependency of in-situ sound by fostering a critical awareness of, and attitudes towards, environmental ambiance. Founded in a practice-based approach, the workshop develops situated strategies for listening, recording, sound montage and mapping as well as experimental approaches to situated sound synthesis and site-specific sound intervention.

Each year, a particular site is chosen around which a sequence of intensive projects are developed, fostering diverse approaches to 'hearing place' and encouraging individual approaches towards hearing contextual ambiance and the spatial agency of situated sounds.

This year Aural Tectonics took place under the duress of the third-wave in Covid's global pandemic. Convening entirely online, the group investigated affordances (and limitations) of interlinked presences and geographically distributed locales through shared experiences of solitary listening. Confined to each participant's immediate surrounds, the group partially responded to the unprecedented circumstances by examining the agency of locally sited hearing and dislocated yet interleaved simultaneities. The result is a sonorous collection of disjunctive locales linking situated trembling from the Netherlands to Germany to Sardinia to Turkey. The resulting sonic montage, mediated through audio (and video) transductions, presents an attentive fragment from a much larger transductive patchwork that continues to unfold in the quarantined and intensely mediated site of global online streaming.

Listen to the broadcast here.

Participants: David Andriani, Mehrnaz Khorrami Ghaziani, Richard Hughes, Marco Manconi, Ghaith Qoutainy, Farah Rahman, Ján Solčáni, Hilde Wollenstein

Audio Mastering: Hilde Wollenstein

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18 april 2021 23.00


Resonance FM, Londen

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