Book launch ‘The promise of music’

Over the past year, the lectorate ‘Music, Education & Society’ has worked on a publication with contributions from students and staff from the KC called 'The promise of music'. What does the future of music sound like? What are the hopes of the upcoming generation of professional musicians?

We will celebrate its release during the book launch on 19 May, 16:00 – 17:30, in Studio 1 of the Royal Conservatoire, with drinks afterwards. This public event is free to attend, but please register via this link.


1. Introduction by Paul Craenen
2. Artistic contribution by Shanice Skinner
3. Panel discussion with students and alumni, led by Marlon Titre
4. Artistic contribution by Sean Bell
5. Panel discussion with teachers, led by Paul Craenen
6. Public discussion

Short introduction
In the present day young musicians who start their professional musical studies have a mission. Their choice for a labour-intensive education that offers few guarantees at obtaining a steady job requires a lot of courage and faith. Both faith in their own potential, as well as in that of music for the world of tomorrow. This publication asks how music today can be promising, and also how conservatories can help to fulfil that promise. You can read the preface and introduction to the book here. You can pre-order of the book on the website of the publisher, Garant. The book can be purchased at the launch at a one-off reduced rate.

With contributions from Paul Craenen, Julia Pallanch, Laura von der Goltz, Abigail Rowland, Johannes Boer, Richard Barrett, Noppakorn Auesirinucroch, Celia Swart, Aart Strootman, Shanice Skinner, Dimitris Koutantos, Loes Rusch, Richard Hughes, Sean Bell, Margi Kirschenmann, Suzan Overmeer, Adri de Vugt, Katharina Jacob, Petra Ruth Alexandry, Marlon Titre



19 mei 2022 16.00 - 17:30


Studio 1, Royal Conservatoire, Amare


This public event is free to attend, but please register via the link mentioned above.