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Julia Pallanch was born in 1985 in Wels, Upper Austria. In her early childhood she started taking piano, flute and ballett lessons. In the brass band of her home town she played the flute till she graduated. From the very beginning she always knew, that she wanted to be a singer. After graduation at the Adalbert-Stifter-Gymnasium in Linz, a High School focusing on music education, she moved to Vienna and started to study Voice at the Music University of Vienna. She gathered her first live experiences by playing keyboards and singing with an Electro pop Trio called Roh Lex. In 2011 during a lecture at University, she met mathias rüegg and introduced herself by singing a Bob Dylan Song. Shortly after that she started her exchange year in Gothenburg/Sweden at Artisten. But through out the year she stayed in touch with rüegg via Skype and they started working together as a result of rüegg‘s engagement in the States. rüegg was in the middle of arranging two Schubert Songs for the Big Apple Circus in New York – which he had already done in 1993 for his Vienna Art Orchestra and the European Songbook. The idea was born to continue this path together by transferring Schuberts Songs of Winterreise in a different musical context and to sing them in English.

Kristia Michael is a Cypriot vocalist and composer/sound-artist based in The Netherlands. Focused on medieval and contemporary music, she is interested in the research and use of vocal extended techniques, pure tones, folk timbres and performance art. She collaborates with composers for world premieres, recordings, various projects and operas. She is the founder and artistic director of the medieval music ensembles Sibil•la Ensemble (NL) and Ensemble Cantara (CY). Her compositions and sound installations were premiered/presented in new music festivals, museums and exhibitions.

Searching for the Siren is a short documentary connected to the homonymous master research. Includes visions of what constitutes the mythical creature of the Siren as the allegory of the contemporary vocal aesthetics, through discussions with the contemporary vocalist/contralto Noa Frenkel and the composers Yannis Kyriakides and Andys Skordis.

Performance: Beat Furrer is in love with Hildegard
The sound installation by Kristia Michael and the hymn by the 12th-century German abbess and visionary Hildegard von Bingen set the tone for the Dutch premieres of the chamber vocal works by the Cypriot composers Yannis Kyriakides and Andys Skordis. Both works were composed for the soprano Kristia Michael and premiered last November with MusicAeterna. The search for oblivion and catharsis concludes with Lotófagos I by the Austrian composer Beat Furrer. The performance reinterprets 21st-century music drawing inspiration from medieval ritual aesthetics with attention to the nature of sound and silence, taste for the newest technologies and language features of contemporary electronic music, unhurried meditative manner, and interest in extreme vocal practices.

Siento lo mare

Performative introduction of Siento lo mare.
Siento lo mare is a multisensory installation that focuses on the physicality of sound and the sound of feel. The installation is inviting the audience to discover and immerse themselves into the moment. This work is a tribute to the art of paying attention to the inconspicuous, the beauty of the unimportant and the pleasure of experience. The greatness of the ocean, the limitlessness of self.

Laura Sophie von der Goltz is a violinist, artist, researcher and pedagogue specialised in historically informed and innovative performance practice. She graduated from University of Arts Bremen and Royal Conservatory Den Haag. She currently lives in Rouen, France. The style of all her artistic creation, wether it is a concert or a workshop, is surely enthusiastic, sensitive and favouring curiosity and imagination.

Natalja Chareckaja is a performing composer, who aspires to introduce new audiences to the chamber music’s sound universe which straddles worlds of jazz, contemporary classical and avant-pop. During the 2-year NAIP master programme Chareckaja was busy developing an artistic act “Cosmic Bride”, which name was inspired by a quote of the world-renowned composer Igor Stravinsky: “Music is the Bride of the Cosmos”. After an in-depth 2-year research focused on music production in contemporary groove-related composition, through experiments with integration of movement-based control systems and applying innovative spatial audio technology, “Cosmic Bride” invites an audience for an immersive concert-experience in the new Dolby Atmos audio format, where the performer embodies the music and alters the sounds of live vocals and string quartet with the tips of her fingers.

Rafaele Andrade [Brazil, 1994] is a music pioneer in the field of applied experimental music. With a background in Conducting, Composition, Production, Cello, Creative Programming, 3D printing and Sonology, she develops artworks merging these crossovers into innovative practices with technology, social inclusion, sustainability & fair music distribution. Rafaele has a passion for social initiatives, producing during her young career an orchestra of Brazilian music at 17 years old and at 22, curating a UNESCO project to promote Latin American women composers (Rádio Delas). She is a member of Netherlands coding Live (Netherlands), Instrument inventors initiative (Netherlands) and the creator of Knurl, a reconfiguration of a classic/baroque cello format into a interactive interface that share control of the artistic experience between audience and performer. She is currently living in the Hague, The Netherlands.

Performance: This isn’t solo 'This isn’t solo' is an immersive performance that shares control with the audience of an electroacoustic and interactive instrument: Knurl. Knurl lab is a web platform used to allow this mechanism. This project is an artistic exploration about audience engagement, revealing the listener’s participation in an abstract communication with digital art and music. Rafaele has been collaborating with 2 interactive & software designers (Sabrina Vernhage and Germán Greinier) for the last years. She developed a music compostion where the participants and musician are encouraged to experience the power of collaboration into music practice.

Presentation: This isn’t a cello “This isn't a cello” is a response to the jury of Rafaele’s master presentation in 2022, reflecting the musicians’ inability to not fit into “one box”. This is a performative lecture reflecting about the maker and its instrument trajectory during her master at New audiences and innovative practices (2022). During the presentation, the musician will demonstrate Knurl’s practice, highlighting its 4 aesthetic modes (synthesis, analogue, programming and recording) and its manipulation by potmeters, tasks , machine learning system or a counterpoint. This isn’t a presentation, either a classic cello performance. It could be described as a memorial of my current intention to develop the future of new music practice.

About NAIP

The Master New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP) is a programme designed for enterprising musicians who want to reach new audiences with excellent music through experimentation and research. During the programme you prepare for a future musical career by developing a striking portfolio.



27 juni 2022 13.00 - 21:30


Amare Den Haag