Gabriel Paiuk - The Construction of an Imaginary Acoustic Space

On 23 March there will be a Sonology concert in the Arnold Schönbergzaal dedicated to Gabriel Paiuk’s The Construction of an Imaginary Acoustic Space, a composition for ensemble and electronics performed by New European Ensemble. The performance will be followed by a lecture, after which the work will be performed for a second time. The lecture is about the PhD research on this topic that Gabriel Paiuk is conducting for ACPA.

Gabriel: ‘This work superimposes the sound of a small ‘salon’ string ensemble (6 strings, clarinet, trombone and piano) with audio registers belonging to the popular history of string ensembles. Both stored digitally and on an analogue tape operated live by a member of the ensemble.

The Construction of an Imaginary Acoustic Space explores how the experience of sound and its spatial imprint is modulated by entrained modes of engaging embedded in the uses of audio media. These modes of engaging are shaped by diverse protocols: while a musical operation turns the sound of a bowed string into a seemingly fictional realm, audio equipment perpetuates the sound of what is recorded into an encoded ‘real’.’

More information? Gabriel Paiuk tells more about his research, his composition and the performance by New European Ensemble in this article.



23 maart 2021 19.00


Arnold Schönbergzaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium

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Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is not possible to attend this concert. More information