Lectorate Event

On 27 January, the lectorate ‘Music, Education and Society’ will present the outcomes of last year’s research projects, as well as introduce the research group of 2021.

From research into self-regulation habits of students, pianoforte research into the Classical Style, to the completion and software implementation of Project 2, a historically important computer-aided composition programme by Gottfried Michael Koenig: these are just a few examples of the diverse research projects that will be presented through presentations and artistic interventions. We are also looking forward to upcoming research projects with the 2021 researchers, who will offer a creative glimpse into their plans.

The event will take place online via Microsoft Teams and will be public, with no registration necessary. For the link to the meeting, please contact Roos Leeflang (r.leeflang@koncon.nl). A more detailed programme will follow in January. If you are interested in the recent and future research projects at the Royal Conservatoire, this event will be worth a visit!

With: Ilona Sie Dhian Ho, Susan Williams, Mieke van Dael & Klaske de Haan, Karst de Jong, Heloisa Amaral, Bjarni Gunnarsson, Bart van Oort, Johan van Kreij, Richard Barrett, Paul Craenen



27 januari 2021 13.30 - 17:30


Microsoft Teams