Lecture with Elmer Schönberger

On Monday 23 May the composition department is organizing a special evening with composer, musicologist and writer (and KC alumnus) Elmer Schönberger. Our guest will, among other things, speak about the work and person of the eminent Dutch composer Otto Ketting (also KC alumnus and former teacher) about whom he recently presented the widely acclaimed biography Inspiratie wantrouw ik ten zeerste.

Everything had to be overhauled in the sixties, including the music. Composer Otto Ketting (1935-2012) also drastically changed course. He followed his own compass for 134 compositions, always with the same keen intuition for timing and proportion and with the same unerring sense of sound. What prompted public protests against his Collage no. 9 in the Concertgebouw in 1966, resulted in his first unadulterated hit six years later: Time Machine.

This masterpiece of high energy quickly became one of the greatest international successes of post-war Dutch composing. Speaking of hits: even those who don't think they know Otto Ketting will know him from his film music for Haanstra's Alleman, one of the most watched Dutch films of all time.

Elmer Schönberger (1950) wrote about music for Vrij Nederland for decades and published, among other things, De kunst van het Kruitverschieten, Het gebroken oor en Hier rust Schönberger. Together with Louis Andriessen he wrote The Apollonian Clockwork, a standard work on Igor Stravinsky, translated into English, Russian and Italian. His most important compositions of the last decade include the dramatic cantata La fuga del tempo, the Giacometti-inspired Eighteen days and the vocal-instrumental cycle Seen Hercules Segers.

Detailed information can be found at www.elmerschonberger.com



23 mei 2022 19.30


The New Music Lab, Amare