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Improvised music has been in a constant state of evolution since it emerged from both jazz and contemporary composition in the 1960s. Various influences have shaped this evolution, such as the development of new technologies for creating sounds and instruments, the increasing acceptance of improvisational skills as a valuable aspect of music education, and the ways in which improvisational practices in other artistic disciplines can inform and inspire the work of improvising musicians. This last influence has become more pervasive in the 21st century as a result of increasing interest in interdisciplinary collaboration, and the central purpose of Richard Barrett’s research project as part of the lectorate “Music, Education and Society” at the KC is to investigate how practices in other disciplines might further enrich approaches to musical improvisation, with a certain focus on educational contexts. This seminar brings together practitioners from the world of improvised music for whom interdisciplinary thinking has been a crucial influence, to share and discuss how their work embodies these ideas, and how they might be developed further.

This Seminar is not open to the public. For more information, please contact Roos Leeflang, Coordinator Master Research and Lectorate



3 november 2020 13.00 - 17:00

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