Geannuleerd: Please, Sink HMS (Her Majesty’s Service) – A Musical Suite & Limbus

Evenement geannuleerd vanwege coronavirus

Om een verdere uitbraak van het coronavirus te beteugelen, hebben de autoriteiten per direct een verbod op evenementen met meer dan honderd personen afgekondigd. Tot nader order kunnen alle evenementen in het Koninklijk Conservatorium geen doorgang vinden.

Eerder gekochte kaarten worden terugbetaald. De meest actuele informatie vindt u op deze pagina.


Please, Sink HMS (Her Majesty’s Service) – A Musical Suite
By Domenic Jarlkaganova

This is a suite with an 6 channel Electronics Suite with: Amplified Solo Double Bass Player – Codi Takács as soloist with the rest of the Hodiernal quartet as the four “gods” of the sea.

It will be an amplified immersive musical multichannel experience. Within it, quartet pieces of recently graduated composition students Sebastiano Evangelista, Patrick Ellis and Thanakarn Schofield will be performed.



This piece is a staged Dance Performance with Video Projection / Manipulation – created within our interdisciplinary community of volunteer artists, and creators of Nucli-i (previously – D.N.A. Productions).
This poem is used as our inspiration:

This never ending lobby is Limbo. Limbus or edge. The earth of the white shadows, who some call the palace of desire without hope and others call the place of innocence, where life isn ́t real for lack of consciousness, for being an unreal life full of fronts and contradictions. All of us are innocents in dreams. The lamb sleeps with the lion.

– Pablo Jimenez and Alejandro Ratia

Domenic Jarlkaganova – Composer and Performer
Anita Nodilo – Choreographer and Dancer
Erik Kamaletdinov – Staging and Performer
Sonso Masiá- Staging and Performer
Nikzad Arabshahi – Videography and Performer
Ying Matthijsse- Dancer
Patricia Gomes Rodrigues – Dancer
Ana Francisca Costa – Advisor and Performer
Chaaru Jain – Costume Designer
Hodiernal Quartet – Musicians and Performers
Tomas Valečka is the sound engineer.

More information on Nucli-i:

Please, Sink HMS (Her Majesty’s Service) – A Musical Suite & Limbus is part of Spring Festival The Hague. For more information about the festival please visit the website.



24 april 2020 19.30


Kees van Baarenzaal, KC

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