Q&A Session for Electives and Minors with Vice-Principal Martin Prchal

Are you a Bachelor student of the Royal Conservatoire and currently applying for your elective or minor course? Do you have questions about the process on how to apply or are you struggling with which course to choose?

Join us on Monday to ask all your questions regarding the electives and minors the Royal Conservatoire offers! The meeting will be held on MS Teams with:

Martin Prchal, Vice-Principal of the Royal Conservatoire

Marijn Abbink, Policy Officer Education

Angelique Loeve, Student Administration Offi​cer ESC

During your bachelor’s programme, you have the opportunity to follow courses of your choice. These courses are offered by the Royal Conservatoire, Codarts and Leiden University. In bachelor year II, III and IV, your curriculum contains the category ‘electives/minors’ to broaden your knowledge, insights and skills. Electives are separate courses that you can choose based on your interests. A minor is a coherent package of related courses, normally spread over three academic years. You are asked to make your choices for the next academic year. The Royal Conservatoire offers a wide variety of electives and minors but you can also choose from a range of courses at Codarts Rotterdam. If you are looking for an extra intellectual or academic challenge during your studies at the conservatoire, this is a good choice. Leiden University offers about 1,400 different electives each year.

For more information and to download the Electives and Minors Handbook, please click here.

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8 maart 2021 19.00 - 19:45