Sound Installations Exhibition at het HEM in Zaandam

During Justin Bennett’s Sound Installation course, Sonology students explore ways of working with sound outside the concert hall by making pieces for a mobile audience, working in public space, designing audiovisual experiments or spatial installations.

At het HEM in Zaandam, the participants fill the former shooting range with materials including loudspeakers, microphones, computers, resonating vessels, sonic curtains and yoghurt. Come and hear the sounds of paintings, rattling chandeliers, vibrating strings, pinball machines, toy chickens and your own voices.

The exhibition is open Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2022. On Saturday there are also the Art Science project Transversing Bodies and performances from Cathy van Eck, Matteo Marangoni and Mihalis Shammas.



27 mei 2022 12.00 - 29 mei 2022 00.00



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