Start-up! Week

From August 28th most new students will embark on a new adventure: your life as a professional musician will take a big leap forward. To make sure this new step will be as smooth as possible, we have created multiple activities to help you on your way. These activities are catered to the needs which you might have on your personal journey.

For all new Bachelor students and ERASMUS students we have developed Start-Up! 2023; this is a week of fun and learning, which will take place from August 28th till September the 1st. The new Masters are invited to participate in certain program parts. For preparatory year Bachelor and Master (VB/VM) and Practicum Musicae (PM) there is a shorter introduction.

In the program here, you will find all the information for everyone of the sessions! Login is required with your student details.



28 augustus 2023 09.00 - 1 september 2023 20.00


The Hague & Amare

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