The Early Music Polyphony Week

The Early Music Polyphony Week is a project proposed by students. With the coaching of Isaac Alonso de Molina, students/participants from the Early Music and Vocal departments will work on the many different ways of performing Renaissance polyphonic works. We will perform motets from Tomás Luis de Victoria's 1572 book Motecta. Renaissance repertoire is often overlooked, in part because of instrumentation constraints, and students miss out on music that is incredibly valuable, not just for its own aesthetic value, but also because it helps to understand so much better later music, which some of us perform more often. The focus of the week will be as much on the process as on the performance since we will be working out ways to approach the music from our very diverse instrumentations and group formations.



9 april 2022 18.00


Conservatoriumzaal, Amare