Workshop: Drag & Drop & Hit & Run, or the Elephant in Space - with David Helbich

Walks in city-scapes informed by the idea that sound is just a carrier, and under the motto: We don’t hear cars, we hear the relief of the streets and the roof - the shape of the city.

For this session, composer and performance artist David Helbich proposes two soundwalk-concepts: one passive ("Drag & Drop") and one active ("Hit & Run"). Both will be real soundwalks. Not fakes, but real walks where participants do not limit themselves to just a walk. Instead, they will read the acoustic environment in all its differences, like a mad scientist or the hardcore version of a contemplative practice. But they will also use sound and listening as a carrier for discovering other layers, physical and social, that are inevitable in public space. Ourselves, for example.



17 mei 2022 18.15


Meeting Point: Room 5.43, Royal Conservatoire, Amare