In the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, in The Netherlands, dance and music live under one roof. The Dance Intensive & ChoreoComp ‘22 programme, which will celebrate its first edition from 15 - 20 August 2022, is an intensive two-part programme aimed at the performance but also the composition of dance and music.

Dance Intensive
The Dance Intensive is meant for young pre-professional dancers aged 15-25. The programme exists of:
- Technique classes (classical and contemporary dance)
- (Neo)classical and modern repertory workshops
- Improvisation and composition workshops

ChoreoComp is meant for young professional dancers aged 18-25. After the technique classes in the morning they will collaborate with emerging professional choreographers and composers during ChoreoComp, to create and perform choreographies every other day, accompanied live by a music ensemble. The ChoreoComp course is only accessible after winning a scholarship. Please read more info in the sections 'Applications and Scholarships'.

Apply for the Dance Intensive & ChoreoComp.

Dates for application payment & selection:
16th June – Application is closed. You should have received our confirmation e-mail with the payment request link.
1st July – Payments should be made, to confirm your participation, or you will be excluded from the course.
16th June – Selection for ChoreoComp & Scholarships.
10th July – All Scholarship refunds will have been made.

Should you, as a professional dancer, only wish to apply for the ChoreoComp course, we will explain the procedures in our confirmation e-mail.

Do you have questions?
More information about the first International Dance Intensive & ChoreoComp can be found below or contact Marishka van Loon (Coordinator Planning & Projects) with your questions.