Dance Intensive

The Dance Intensive is meant for dance students that are interested in fine-tuning their technical skills but also in knowledge about choreography and composition. All participants will be notified as to which groups they have been assigned, before the start of the course. During the course, the directorate may alter the group assignments. The decision of the directorate is binding.
The day will start with classical and contemporary technique classes. In the afternoon there are several workshops aimed at the dancer’s interest in repertoire, choreography and composition: How do dance and music come together, what are the priorities, what did a choreographer have in mind and what part did the dancers play in this? In the evening, a program of presentations, dance performances, Impro jam sessions/ streams and/or other activities is put together.

Some of our expert teachers in the first edition of this Dance Intensive are Yannick Boquin, Esther Protzman, Siner Gönenç Boquin, Heidi Vierthaler, Jerome Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud.


ChoreoComp is the pairing of a choreographer with a composer, who together will create a choreography with several dancers, accompanied live by musicians. In the '70s/'80s this creative process was performed every year in the 'Gulbenkian International Dance Course for Choreographers and Composers' in England. The Juilliard School in New York has annual projects in which a composer and a choreographer are linked together via an artistic 'speed date' and then create a work together. This is also where the name ChoreoComp originates from, and it is currently becoming a trending name in the mainstream media and socials.

The RC ChoreoComp section of this first edition Intensive is under the artistic direction of Jan Linkens (Choreographer) and Martijn Padding (Composer). It offers a glimpse into the creative process for a select group, choreographers, composers, dancers, and musicians. ChoreoComp encourages processes of discovery, experimentation, and decision-making. Every other day a new 'Artistic Speed Date' and a 'ChoreoComp Create'. This Intensive forges connections that last a lifetime.

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Royal Conservatoire International Dance Intensive & ChoreoComp
15th – 20th of August 2022 – daily classes & workshops.

The daily schedules will vary in content and order.