Cornelis de Bondt

Hoofdvakdocent Compositie

At the end of 2011, Cornelis de Bondt (*1953) decided to withdraw all of his scores from   the public domain in protest at the Dutch government’s policy of subjecting the arts to the rigours of the neoliberal theory of market forces. The score is the symbol of this for De Bondt. With a small group of composition students, he is currently exploring how the score can be replaced with a more flexible method of ‘notation’. An important element of this project is the development of a new method of composing for which he has developed computer software over the last few decades. In this initial version, the score is replaced by an MS-DOS User’s Guide that every musician can use to design his or her own version of the composition. De Bondt is also the coordinator of the Theory for Composers course.  

Cornelis de Bondt is also coordinator of the department of theory for composers.

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