Rebecca Schaefer

Music Cognition

Rebecca Schaefer‘s primary research interests are the neuroscience of moving to music, music performance and music imagination, aiming to apply these findings to rehabilitation settings. She has received MSc’s in Clinical Neuropsychology and Music Cognition from the University of Amsterdam, and Keele University, UK, respectively. Her subsequent PhD work at the Donders Intitute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior of Radboud University Nijmegen, focused on developing cognitive tasks for Brain-Computer Interfaces, and specifically on decoding music imagery from electrical brain signals. Before coming to Leiden University, she held a SAGE junior research fellowship at UC Santa Barbara and a European Marie Curie fellowship at the University of Edinburgh, UK, where she carried out research focused on the interaction of music and movement, individual differences in rhythmic ability and imagery function. Recent updates and a full cv can be found at her personal website.