Taconis Stolk

Afdelingshoofd ArtScience

Taconis Stolk is a conceptualist and metamodernist. He is the initiator of WLFR, studio for conceptualism in Amsterdam. Since the mid-nineties WLFR has been developing metamedia projects and theory concerning the æsthetics of concepts and contextual technology, often at the intersection of art and science.

WLFR projects have been exhibited, performed and published on four continents and include P.I.A (interactive audio performance for magnetic card readers, 1994), fZone (website generating audio compositions based on weather conditions in the world’s time zones, 1995) PARR (research project on nano-æsthetics resulting in computer generated books and animations, 2000), BuBL Space (pocket device to disable mobile phones, 2002, with Arthur Elsenaar), Genetic Design (media project on art education in genetic modification, 2003), o—o—o—o (project on intention hacking the game of chess, 2010, with ConceptsAssociated) and WfNn (nanotechnology project on creating magnetic fragrances, 2011).

Stolk earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the ArtScience Interfaculty. He is also co-founder of formalism (concept & design creators) and ConceptsAssociated (idea agency) and chairman of the eCulture Committee of the Dutch Arts Council. His lecturing and coaching activities include the ArtScience Interfaculty and the PhDArts and MediaTechnology-MSc programmes of Leiden University..