e-Learning Tools

Below you will find the applications currently recommended by the Royal Conservatoire. Note that only Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom are fully supported by our ICT Department and e-Learning coordinator. Support for other applications is limited but we will try to help you as much as possible where we can.



Microsoft Teams is an app that allows you to create online classes (teams) and invite students, fellow teachers and guests from outside Koncon if needed. In these teams you can communicate directly to the whole group, share files, hand out and receive assignments and have live-meetings amongst other things. Teams is very useful for synchronous and asynchronous individual and group lessons. Contact information of the Royale Conservatoire teachers and students is already synced within Teams so you can get started right away.

Please be aware that we are still figuring out the ins and outs of this application and that some functions are still missing. You can find an up to date FAQ under 'Teams FAQ'. That said, we have absolute confidence Teams will help you greatly in organising individual and group lessons during these difficult times.

For user-related questions please contact the e-Learning coordinator (see contact)

Getting started

Everybody at KC has access to Microsoft Teams. You can log in at teams.microsoft.com using your Koncon account (email and password). If you lost your koncon password, please click here to reset it. The MS Teams application for desktop can be downloaded here https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads. Both the web-app and desktop-app work together; for the most stable experience please install the desktop-app. Smartphone users need to install the Teams app via the Google or Apple store.

By default, students and teachers are not able to create their own teams. Teachers are able to do so but only after sending in a request to the KC ICT-Department: ICT@hdkdenhaag.nl. This way we can manage our support for MS Teams as best as possible.

Introduction to Teams

Guides & Tutorials:

Royal Conservatoire Tutorial Video's

Printable Quick guide

Microsoft videotrainings

Microsoft Help

FAQ: For Teachers

Q: I already use Teams for another organisation, how do i switch accounts?
A: If you use the desktop app, click on your profile on the top-right to sign out. When using your internet-browser, make sure
you clear your history/cookies first. After that you can sign in with a different account.

Q: Why can't i make a team?
A: Only teachers are able to make teams and only at request at the IT department.

Q: Can i make one team for multiple classes?
A: That is possible but not advisable, make 1 team per class.

Q: I'm completely new to Teams, what is the quickest way to learn?
A: In the lower-left of the column of Teams you will see a button called 'help'. Here you can browse topics and find
step-by-step guides. Also make sure you check out our how to videos.

Q: How can i leave a team i'm not supposed to be in?
A: You can leave the team by clicking on the dots next to the team name and then on 'leave team'. Don't delete the team.

Q: Should i add owners or members to my team?
A: Only add owners if you want them to manage the team too (co-teachers) and use the member role for your students.

Q: How can i add people to my team from outside the organisation?
A: Add them by filling in their full email-address. Teams will recognize them as guests and will send them an invite
on this email address. The guests will need to agree to link their email-address to a (free) Microsoft account.

Q: My email and Teams app is overrun with notifications, can i change this?
A: Yes, go to your profile (top-right) and click on settings --> notifications

Q: My students don't know their Koncon password
A: They can reset their password at start.koncon.nl

Q: Can i invite people outside of the KC organisation to my team?
A: Yes, when adding members type in their full email address. You will get a guest invite prompt. Guest members need to set up a (free) Microsoft account on their own in order to get access.

Q: I want to schedule a meeting but i don't see a calendar function
A: Unfortunately this function is not available yet, we're working on it

Q: Do i have to add students one at a time?
A: No, you can use a 'classcode' to invite multiple students at once by email. You can find this under 'manage Team' --> 'settings'.

Q: Does it matter if use the web-app or desktop app?
A: There are some slight differences between the two which are still being sorted out. For the best experience install the desktop app.

Q: Which browser should i use for the web-app?
A: The Google chrome browser is the best option of now

Q: Where are all my files stored in Teams?
A: They're stored on your personal One-drive (1TB) in the left collum of the Teams app called 'Files'.

FAQ: For Students

Q: I don't know/forgot my Koncon password
A: Reset your password at start.koncon.nl

Q: I don't have a pc or laptop, can i still use Teams with my smartphone?
A: Yes, you can still use Teams but you need to download the android app or the ios app. But be aware that on smartphone you will have less functionality than on a laptop or pc.

Q: I have to hand-in an assignment, but the file is too big for Teams.
A: Upload your files in Onedrive and use a link to that file to hand-in the assignments. (exact instructions will follow)

Manual Google Classroom En Teachers V1 1

Manual Google Classroom En Students V1 1

For user-related questions please contact the e-Learning Coordinator Thomas Vorisek (see contact)


JamKazam is an innovative live music platform and social network, enabling musicians to play and record music together in real time from different locations over the internet as if they are sitting in the same room. The core platform is free to use.
The main benefit of Jamkazam is the relatively good sound quality, which makes remote playing together possible.

You might need additional hardware such as a microphone and, or an audio interface. Please check the EWP Website for recommendations and affordable options.

For more information and downloading the app, please check: JamKazam.com

* The e-Learning department is further assessing JamKazam as a viable tool for musicians at the KC. No IT support at the moment.


Skype is well known and can be used to make secure connections with your students and co-workers. But take in account that the Microsoft Teams application as mentioned above offers the same features and many more. However, if you quickly need to get into contact with people outside of the KC, Skype is your best bet.

* The KC ICT Department does not offer support for Skype.


WhatsApp Messenger or simply WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media. WhatsApp's client application runs on mobile devices but is also accessible from desktop computers, as long as the user's mobile device remains connected to the Internet while they use the desktop app. The service requires users to provide a standard cellular mobile number for registering with the service.

Disclaimer: The usage of WhatsApp is at your own risk and might interfere with your Work-Life-Balance! We therefore advice you to use MS Teams, if you would like to keep in contact and exchange videos and messages with colleagues and students. MS Teams also offers a secure log-in so chances of data breaches and security incidents are significantly lower.

* The KC ICT Department does not offer support for WhatsApp.