Hardware for e-Learning

What kind of hardware do I need to use MS Teams and co?

Most of the e-Learning tools can be used with devises that you already have at home: For instance, a computer, a smartphone and maybe you even own a tablet.

Those devises that we already use and know from our daily life are quite sufficient and making e-Learning accessible for most of us.

However, working or studying for hours on a smartphone is not comfortable and can even cause health issues. Therefore, we recommend using a computer or a tablet for longer sessions.

If you do not own a computer or a tablet but you have to move your teaching and learning activities online, you might consider acquiring additional equipment. Staff, students and teachers of the Royal Conservatoire receive an educative discount when buying computers, laptops and tablets via SurfSpot.

Keep in mind that you do not need the most expensive computer on the market in order to have a pleasant, well-functioning e-Learning experience!

For more recommendations regarding audio interfaces, microphones, cameras etc. please check the EWP-Website and contact our EWP Team with any further questions.