Individual lessons

There are two options for instructors to facilitate individual lessons remotely: Synchronous and Asynchronous. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Determine what might work best for you. You can have a mix of both methods if needed.


Synchronous means that teacher and student gather at the same time remotely and interact in “real time” with a very short or “near-real time” exchange between teacher and student.

Advantages synchronous Individual Lessons:

1. Immediate personal engagement between student and teacher, which may create greater feelings of community and lessen feelings of isolation.

2. More responsive and efficient exchanges between students and teacher, which may prevent miscommunication or misunderstanding

Disadvantages of Synchronous Individual Lessons:

1. More challenging to schedule shared times for all students and instructors

2. Some students may face technical challenges or difficulties if they do not have fast or powerful Wi-Fi networks accessible or lack certain equipment/devices. See the Hardware for more information on this.

Suitable E-learning Tools for Synchronous Individual Lessons:

Get in touch with students quickly through Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp. Microsoft Teams also has a chat and calling functionality that is useful. Especially because all of the contacts of the Royale Conservatoire can be found in Teams.


Asynchronous means that teachers prepare course materials for students in advance of students’ access. Students may access the course materials at a time of their choosing and will interact with each over a longer period of time.

Advantages of Asynchronous Individual Lessons:

1. Higher levels of temporal flexibility, which may simultaneously make the learning experiences more accessible to different students and also make an archive of past materials accessible.

2. Increased cognitive engagement since students will have more time to engage with and explore the course material.

Disadvantages of Asynchronous Lessons

1. Students may feel less personally exchanged and less satisfied without the social interaction between their peers and teachers.

2. Course material may be misunderstood or have the potential to be misconstrued without the real-time interaction.

Suitable E-learning Tools for Asynchronous Individual Lessons:

With Microsoft Teams you can easily find students and teachers at the Royal Conservatoire to have a one-on-one phone-call or text message. Teams chat functionality also comes with an attachment function for images and links. Note however that there is a limit of 10 attachments per chat and 10 MB limit per attachment (!). To share video's make use of links.
Practical information about the required hardware and audio/video usability can be found here.