All programmes at the Royal Conservatoire have been evaluated (very) positively by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

On 31 August 2017 the NVAO awarded the official rating of “Excellent” for the Royal Conservatoire’s Bachelor of Music programme. The NVAO also awarded the Distinctive Quality Feature for Internationalisation to the Royal Conservatoire.

Based on this rating, the Royal Conservatoire was also awarded the "Excellent" rating and the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (CeQuInt) by the European Consortium of Accreditation (ECA).

Previously the NVAO had already awarded the highest quality rating for the Master’s programme in Music, Sonology and Opera and the Distinctive Quality Feature ‘Artistic Focus’ for the Bachelor Music in Education programme. The NVAO awards the grade of ‘Excellent’ to fewer than 1% of all higher education programmes.

Research at the Royal Conservatoire was also rated positively by MusiQuE, Music Quality Enhancement, in 2017. MusiQuE is a European organisation for the accreditation and evaluation of higher music education programmes.


Below you can find the accreditation decisions and reports for each course.

Report Bachelor Music
Report Bachelor Music Teaching
Report Bachelor Dance

Report Master Music
Report Master Sonology
Report Master Opera

Report Research KC

Decision Bachelor Music (musiQue)

Decision Bachelor Music
Decision Bachelor Music Teaching
Decision Bachelor Dance

Decision Master Music
Decision Master Sonology
Decision Master Opera

Decision Research KC


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