Just as last year, it will not be possible to have live admission exams. Therefore, an alternative for the two group tests will be offered to the selected candidates.

The math test is cancelled. However, we advise candidates to have a good look at the example on the website:

Should you be accepted to the programme then please understand that this example gives an indication of the expected level in math that is required to be able to understand some of the course’s content. It is your responsibility that this level is reached.

The listening test is replaced by an assignment. Please have a close look at the following video, in which Sonology bachelor’s and master’s students who are about to graduate talk about Sonology and their individual projects:

Write a review of this video in which you:

  1. Describe the overall content of the video and give an answer to the question “what is Sonology?”, not by quoting one of the students in the video literally but by drawing your own conclusions. This part should be around half a page A4.
  2. Select two students and explain what you like or dislike about their statements and artistic work. This part should be around half a page A4 as well. Please send the review as a PDF to before 9th April 2021.

The interview will take place as usual, but through Skype or another online platform instead of live in one of our studios. Please prepare a 10 to 15-minute presentation, after which a 10 to 15-minute round of questions and answers will follow. A schedule for these interviews will be made soon, taking into account the different time zones when necessary. You will be personally informed.