There are various scholarships available for students who wish to come to study at the Royal Conservatoire or students of the Royal Conservatoire who would like to spend a period studying abroad.

If you are not eligible for any of the scholarships mentioned on this page, you might be able to find another scholarship. For this purpose, have a look on the page  Other scholarships. In case of unforeseen financial problems, we can refer you to a number of national funds. When possible, the Student Counsellor  Elke de Roos  will try to assist you with your application.

Students who wish to follow a Master’s programme and perform excellently in the entrance exam may qualify for a scholarship.

There are two types of scholarship available for the academic year of 2024/2025:

  • NL Scholarship (previously: Holland Scholarship) for students from outside the European Economic Area.

There will be 4 NL Scholarships and 13 Excellence Scholarships available for new students in 2023/2024. It is not possible to be awarded more than one of the scholarships listed above at the same time.

The NL Scholarships and Excellence Scholarships will be awarded by the Conservatoire’s Principal on the nomination of the heads of department on or before 1 July. For more information please consult the descriptions of the scholarships via the links shown above.