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New Home Amare in the City Center of The Hague
Amare - Bouwcombinatie Cadanz

Thinking of joining the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague? You will be studying at an institute of music and dance where experiment and innovation go hand in hand with tradition and craftsmanship. An inspiring environment where you will be taught by leading international musicians and dancers. After graduation, you will not only have mastered the necessary technical skills, but have also developed an inquisitive attitude and a lifelong curiosity appropriate to musicians or dancers who will be performing at the highest international level.

“We have a lot of freedom. You can talk about the piece that you are work-ing on or a problem you are dealing with. You attend each other's concerts and listen to each other's music. It feels quite close actually, a bit like a family, everybody who wants to be part of it can. If you are more introvert that is ok too, but you will still be invited.”
Eva Beunk, student composition

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“The seriousness with which each student is discussed, the way their progress is scrutinised, and the best way forward for them exam-ined. All of these are treated with extraordinary care. The entire group is present: everyone is there and we all know each other’s students. There is a tremendous team spirit.”
Vera Beths, teacher, violin

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"New students at the Royal Conservatoire join a like-minded group each of whom has a dream: of becoming an exceptional musician. They work in a creative environment, together with colleagues who transform ideas into new projects, performances and concerts. They play together, create ensembles, and look out for each other. They become part of a community.”
Marlon Titre, head of department, Classical Music