Our graduates are often recognized for musical skills and artistry and have achieved success in various professional fields such as recording, performing, composing, arranging and producing.

We believe in honoring tradition as well as in promoting innovation and individual paths in jazz and other jazz-related creative music.

In close collaboration with the other outstanding departments at the Royal Conservatoire, as well as with other educational and cultural institutions, we enable our students to build an international network that will remain active throughout their professional careers.

Nice to meet you

If you have any questions for the Jazz Department, please let us know and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Make sure to also check our FAQ pages on applying and auditioning.

Professional Preparation and Integration

Our Career Skills courses Start-Up!, Entrepreneurial Bootcamp, Alumni Event and Preparation for Professional Practice help you develop your professional skills and prepare you for the professional world. In Entrepreneurial Bootcamp: Explore New Playgrounds you are challenged to find new venues and new audiences for your performances.

In the master programme you design your own Master Project by experimenting with the process of developing a personal professional practice during your studies, combining the three domains of our master curriculum: artistic development, research and professional integration.


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