Welcome to the application procedure of the Dance Department of the Royal Conservatoire. Below, we have listed and explained all the steps in the application. The only thing you have to do, is follow them in this order.

Clicking on the crosses will give you more information. After completing the first five steps on the website, you are referred to Osiris Online Application, which is a part of our student administration system. On that page, you can upload all the documents necessary to do your video audition.

If your results are positive – meaning that you have been 'Accepted' to the Dance Department – you upload the remaining documents necessary to complete the admissions process in Osiris Online Application. You (only for Bachelor Dance students not for Young KC Dance Company students) will also leave this website in order to register as a student at the Royal Conservatoire through ‘Studielink’.

If you have any questions during the process, please contact the student administration office at studentadministration@koncon.nl.

Also check the general admission requirements, these are applicable to all admissions.

First, you collect all the documents necessary for your application for the first round video audition.

  • A video recording (step 2)
  • The motivation form (step 3)
  • Your CV (see below) (step 4)
  • Dance photographs (step 5)  

To get a good impression of your artistic, musical, and technical capacities, we would like to receive a recording of 15-20 minutes. Your entire body should be visible and the recording needs to comply to the criteria listed in the document below. The colour of your clothing should be contrasting to the colour of the background.

Criteria Video Audition

Upload your video to a YouTube (preference) or Vimeo account (or comparable online platform). Create a PDF with all the links to your video recording(s). You can upload your document into the relevant question in the Osiris Online Application, later on in the process. Please name your upload ‘[surname] – video recording’.

Download the form and answer the questions. Upload the completed form to Osiris Online Application. Please name the file ‘[surname] – motivation form’.

Motivation Form

Your CV should include your name, date of birth, height and weight, as well as information about your dance education and experience. Please describe: your previous degree(s), courses completed, successes, performances, exams, and prizes. Please name your document ‘[surname] – CV’.

Upload three photographs, including one portrait photo and two dance photos. Both should show your full body. Please name your upload beginning with ‘[surname] – footage’.

Go to Osiris Online Application and choose your language preference (Dutch or English). At the bottom of the following page, click on the following link to create your new account ‘If you don’t have a username/password, click here’. This account you will need to verify through the email sent to the email address you registered with.

After you have logged in to Osiris, you answer a few obligatory questions. For instance, you will have to indicate which live audition date you would like to register for, if you get through the video selection round.

Upload the documents you collected into the relevant question in Osiris. If you cannot send all your documents at once, we will send you reminders to complete your application. Keep in mind that we can only assign an audition slot for you once all documents have been received.

You can save your answers in between sessions.

Your application is complete and final, only if your answers in Osiris have been sent.

Based on your personal details and answers, your uploaded documents and your video, we will decide whether we invite you to a live audition (if you live within the EU), or whether we accept you (non-EU). In all cases - whether you are being invited for a live audition, accepted, or rejected – you will receive an email notification.

Update 24 April 2020 - online language test

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, most language test centers have closed their doors and scheduled tests have been canceled. Therefore, ETS is offering a TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition test, which is available worldwide, with the exception of mainland China and Iran. The test is available until at least 30 June 2020.

The scores are valid for two years and have to be valid on 1 September 2021.

Certificates from the Institutional TOEFL test, the TOEFL-ITP test, or other language proficiency tests will not be accepted.

If you are admitted, you must ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted.
The deadline to submit the proof of your English language proficiency (see step English proficiency) is 1 September.

When you are admitted you will receive information via e-mail and Studielink about payment of tuition fees.

Only when you have fulfilled all registration requirements will you be enrolled as a student. So make sure that you have submitted all requested documents before 1 September 2021.

More information on the fees and payment.

We wish you a lot of success with your application.