Register for your electives or minor between 1-15 March 2021.

During your bachelor’s programme, you have the opportunity to follow courses of your choice. These courses are offered by the Royal Conservatoire, Codarts and Leiden University. In bachelor year II, III and IV, your curriculum contains the category ‘electives/minors’ to broaden your knowledge, insights and skills. Electives are separate courses that you can choose based on your interests. A minor is a coherent package of related courses, normally spread over three academic years. You are asked to make your choices for the next academic year.

The Royal Conservatoire offers a wide variety of electives and minors but you can also choose from a range of courses at Codarts Rotterdam. The handbook below includes all KC electives and minors plus the courses offered by Codarts. KC students can also choose electives at Leiden University. If you are looking for an extra intellectual or academic challenge during your studies at the conservatoire, this is a good choice. Leiden University offers about 1,400 different electives each year. All electives from Leiden University can be found in the e-Prospectus.

Within the ‘electives/minors’ category we offer the course External Activities - Career Development Office (CDO). In this course, you can earn credits for activities completed outside of the conservatoire. These can be professional activities you have organised yourself (teaching, concerts, etc.) or professional work that you have found through the Career Development Office. This is an elective for bachelor II and III students but a compulsory course in bachelor IV for those students who are not continuing a minor.

The Bachelor Electives & Minors Handbook 2021/22 explains which electives and minors are on offer, how many credits you need, if you need to choose any extra music theory electives, and how to register. Click on an elective or minor in the table of content for a detailed description of the course.

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More information about electives at Leiden University:

FAQsElectives at Leiden University


You are strongly advised to consult with your tutor and your main subject teacher before registering for your elective(s) or minor.

For general questions about choosing your electives or a minor you can contact

For questions about specific courses, use the contact information as mentioned in the course description.