Music at unusual venues in The Hague – Haagse Hout

Between Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd April, the young talents from the Royal Conservatoire will exchange their study rooms for various locations in The Hague, Haagse Hout.

Whether you already are a classical music enthusiast, or are looking for new experiences, or just happen to have some spare time – everyone is welcome at this third edition of the Chamber Music Festival. All day, musicians in various constellations perform music by known and lesser-known composers.

A special festival in which young musicians experience diverse audiences to connect people living in the same area through wonderful music.
On Saturday and Sunday, Kunstpost artists will paint or draw during the concerts. They are inspired by the musicians, the music, and the atmosphere.

The DiamantTheater, Stichting KunstPost and the Royal Conservatoire collaborate to make the various forms of art visible for the whole neighbourhood of Haagse Hout.

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