A safe visit to the Royal Conservatoire

After a long time of concerts without an external audience, we are very happy to welcome you again to some of our students' concerts. The health and safety of both our students and employees as well as our visitors is a top priority.

There are some concerts, performances and open days where we can start receiving external visitors once more. To see whether this also applies to the concert you would like to visit, you can check the event page of the concert in question in the agenda on our website www.koncon.nl/agenda.

Events with Covid-19 check
For performances and concerts where an external audience is welcome, we ask visitors to register. We ask you to show with the Corona Check app whether you have been vaccinated, recently recovered, or tested. For verification, we also ask for your ID (passport, ID card or driver's license). This applies to ages 13 and up.

At these concerts and performances, the one and a half meters distancing no longer applies. In addition, a mouth cap is no longer mandatory. You are of course free to wear a mouth cap during your visit. We also ask to keep an appropriate distance where possible.

How does the Covid-19 check work?
Upon entering the hall or studio we scan your 'corona ticket'. You can create this proof in the form of a QR code via the Corona Check app. First, download the CoronaCheck app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can obtain your corona admission ticket in three ways:

  1. A vaccination certificate
    With the CoronaCheck app you can turn your vaccination certificate into a QR code. This means that you are fully vaccinated. As soon as your complete is registered, you can log in to the app with your DigiD. You can request a vaccination certificate 14 days after you have been fully vaccinated. If you have given permission for it during the vaccination, your vaccination data will automatically be collected from the RIVM, the GGD or the hospital. If that does not work automatically, you can also add your vaccination certificate to the app yourself. On the website www.coronacheck.nl you can read how to turn your vaccination certificate into a corona admission ticket.
  2. A negative test result
    You have made an appointment for a free corona test via www.testenvoortoegang.nl and you have received a negative test result of maximum 24 hours old. You will receive a code via the test location that you can convert into a QR code in the Corona Check app or via www.coronacheck.nl. We scan this code upon entering the hall or studio. Note: You can only book the appointment for a corona test 2 weeks before the date of the event. Only test results via ‘Testen voor toegang’ will be accepted.
  3. A proof of recovery
    Have you had corona and can you demonstrate this with a positive PCR test? Then you can also upload a so-called proof of recovery in the Corona Check app. It only works if the positive test is between 12 days and 180 days old.

The QR code via the Corona Check app is your corona ticket. You can have this scanned at the entrance of the concert or performance. Don't forget to bring an ID as well. The employee at the entrance compares the details of the proof of identity with those of the corona admission ticket.

Don't have a smartphone?
Then you can also print the corona admission ticket via the website CoronaCheck.nl.

Additional questions?
Do you have any questions about your corona admission ticket? Then please visit www.testenvoortoegang.nl or www.coronacheck.nl. Here you will find answers to how the Corona Check app works and also the most frequently asked questions.
But also our staff is always there to answer your questions.
You can reach us at +31 70 315 15 15 or by sending an email to info@koncon.nl