Contact details

Visiting address

  • Spuiplein 150
  • 2511 DG The Hague
  • The Netherlands


Postal and business address
Turfhaven 7
2511 DK The Hague

Regular opening hours

  • Monday to Friday 07:30 - 22:30;
  • Saturday 09:00 - 20:30;
  • Sunday 10.00 - 17.30.

*The links below contain details of opening hours and deviations by day/week.

Changed opening hours

  • Monday 15 to Friday 19 July: 9:00-16:30

  • Saturday 20 July to Sunday 28 July 2024 the conservatoire is closed.

  • Monday 29 July to Friday 18 August: 9:00-16.30
    The conservatoire will be closed all weekends during this period.

    The library of the Royal Conservatoire is located within the central branch of the Public Library The Hague. Click here for opening hours.

    Overview opening hours KC for 2023-2024 (Update 13 February 2023).

    Overview opening hours KC for 2024-2025

    Click here for a holiday overview of the academic year 2023/2024 (School for young Talent, Bachelor and Master).

      Visiting address:
      Spuiplein 150
      2511 DG The Hague
      Phone: 070 - 3151515

      The Royal Conservatoire can be reached by car, bicycle, train and tram.

      To get to the Royal Conservatoire by car take exit 2 (The Hague center) from Highway A12 and turn left at the first traffic lights. After crossing the viaduct, you will see Amare on your right.

      The Royal Conservatoire does not have its own car parking spaces in Amare. Parking is possible in the public parking garages around and under the building. An alternative is to park your car for free at Mariahoeve P+R station and take the Randstad rail or train to The Hague Central. The ride takes about 6 minutes.

      Kiss & Ride
      Dropping off and picking up pupils, students or visitors is possible at the temporarily equipped Kiss & Ride zone on the Kalvermarkt in The Hague. After other construction work around Amare has been completed, a definitive Kiss & Ride zone will be set up in front of the Turfmartk entrance.

      The Royal Conservatoire has bicycle parking available under Amare. However, it is still under construction. You can temporarily use the general bicycle parking spaces in the center of The Hague.

      Traveling directly from Schiphol
      Visitors arriving at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) take a direct train to The Hague Central Station (approximately 30 minutes travel time), after which it is a 10-minute walk, or few minutes by tram.

      The following tram stops are within walking distance of Amare:

      • Tram number 9 and 16: Kalvermarkt-Stadhuis
      • Tram number 22, 24 and 28: Nieuwe Haven
      • Tram number 1, 9 and 15: Bierkade
      • Tram number 2, 3 and 4: Spui

      For a personal route description by public transport, visit or

      If you have any press requests. please contact the Communication department.

      The Royal Conservatoire asks you to:

      • Not to skate, roller-skate or scoot in the building. This also applies to (your) children.
      • Throw rubbish, paper, food scraps and other waste materials in the appropriate waste bins;
      • Not to leave (plastic) bags, suitcases and packages unattended;
      • Keep access doors and passageways clear so that you do not disturb other people;
      • Not to bring in dogs unless this is an official service dog (such as a guide dog). Other (pets) animals are also not allowed in;
      • Not to carry or use any weapons (cutting, striking, stabbing or firearms);
      • Not to smoke (tobacco or electronic cigarette) or use drugs;
      • Not being under the influence of or dealing in alcohol or drugs in the building;
      • Not to use crude or discriminatory language;
      • Do not destroy or throw objects;
      • Do not bring or set off fireworks;
      • It is also not allowed to use the building as a sleeping or resting area;
      • Not to threaten, intimidate, or use physical violence to other people. Physical violence can include kicking, hitting, spitting, grabbing, pinching, pulling hair, throwing objects and the like;
      • Don't bother other people.