A Green Lowland of Pianos

Noa Fenkel, vocalist
Maurice van Bueren, piano

Works by Kurt Weill, Leonard Bernstein, Charles Ives, Samuel Barber and Jake Heggie

A green lowland of pianos: an intriguing title suggesting space and freedom that inspired Noa Frenkel, Maurice Lammerts van Bueren and their students to embark on a voyage of discovery. A journey in search of the connection between song and theatre in the music of five influential composers who worked in America: the land of the free.

The programme contains works by Kurt Weill, whose music is at the crossroads of the German ‘Lied’ and the influence of Hollywood; Leonard Bernstein, a composer of music that blends film, musical, jazz and classical styles and makes classical music accessible to everyone in the process; Charles Ives, a genuine free spirit and modernist who disregarded the rules and expectations of his time and developed his own unique and eclectic musical style; Samuel Barber, the post-romantic composer whose music became the benchmark for many American composers who followed in his wake, including Jake Heggie, the most recent of these five composers, whose work is a totally natural combination of popular and classical music, including pop, jazz and theatre.



Wed 21 November 2018 19.00


Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatoire

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